Хочу купить - подскажите что за нож!

Discussion in 'Холодное оружие' started by Zrjd, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Zrjd

    Zrjd New Member

    Увидел на ютубе:


    хочу купить. Подскажите, что ЭТО?
    Кто-нибудь видел что-нибудь подобное?
  2. coachuser

    coachuser New Member

    A man was hit by a cab in the street. He was brought to the hospital. His wife who was standing up by his bed, said to the

    doctor: "I think that he is very ill." "I am afraid that he is dead."said the doctor,Hearing this, the man moved his head and

    said: "I'm not dead. I'm still alive." "Be quiet, "said the wife. "the doctor knows better than you!"
    Just then a voice called from outside the door, "If you do, I won't go."


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